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Are memories of a loved one keeping you awake at night?

Perhaps you have lost someone – or a pet? It can be very painful and take much longer than you expect to be able to move on. You can find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster and simple things such as a song or a smell can bring sad feelings rushing back. You also may find yourself wracked with guilt.

Trauma, Grief and Loss

How I can Help You

  • Transforming the Root Cause
    I can help you find a way to move on with your own life while not forgetting your loved one but remembering the good times you had, and feeling gratitude for the time you had together. I can help you to quickly and gently heal your emotions while still honouring your memories and holding on to those that will support you in your life.
  • Imagining a brighter Future
    When you are depressed, sad and tired you tend to focus on the past, and the future is a blur. We can begin to create a future timeline that involves you doing things you love, being successful, independent and resourceful. This helps the brain create new ‘memories’.
  • Sleep Training
    I can help you can re-train your mind and body to focus on relaxing, anticipating at wonderful refreshing night’s sleep as you easily and quickly drift off to asleep and staying relaxed and asleep throughout the night.
  • Self Hypnosis
    I will teach you self-hypnosis you can use to re-set and calm your system. Self-Hypnosis is also a maintenance skill throughout your life with many issues.
  • Meditation
    As little as 10 minutes twice a day can be very beneficial as it will give you a method of progressively becoming more still, more focused, more present and more in charge of both your mind and body. I teach simple, modern forms of meditation – no need to shut out thoughts or sit in uncomfortable positions. Meditation can also provide your body and mind with deep rest.
  • Sleep Diary
    Diaries are very powerful tools for change and will give you insights into life style changes that could help improve the quality of your sleep. As well as recording your sleep, you can record what you are thinking, eating and drinking, stimulants, exercise and stress. Recording when you are having negative thoughts, what they are and frequency, can help you become more aware of negative thinking and help you change your thoughts.  I can also use the information to tailor therapy sessions to your individual needs.
  • Life Coaching
    Making changes to your life style, your routines and your bedroom could improve your sleep, health, wellbeing, relationships and career. Your Sleep Diary may help you identify areas you might like to change. I can help you prioritise changes, set realistic goals, and support you as you work towards achieving them.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Everyone is different and makes changes at different speeds. Sometimes there are other issues linked in that have to be resolved before you can make the change you want.

I recommend a short Sleep Programme as many people experiencing Insomnia because of Greif and Loss make the changes they want in three or four sessions. But some people may need more time.

If you have got into the bad habits and want to make Life Style Changes, then a longer programme, such as Sleep Transformation Programme (8 sessions) may be best.

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