I had suffered from poor quality sleep for a number of years and there seemed to be little end in sight. I had tried prescribed medication, but these were generally ineffective as a resolution. However, I have found the core transformation techniques used by Sue to become an effective means of addressing my underlying sleep issues. For those who have had difficulties initiating sleep, staying asleep and have laid there awake and frustrated for hours on end with no apparent cause, I would certainly recommend a consultation with Sue.


I can thoroughly recommend Sue Gray: After one session before a dental appointment for difficult root canal treatment I was able to overcome my fear of the dentist, even the dentist commented on how calm I was. It was great not having to worry in advance about my continnued treatment the following week as I knew I could use Sue Gray’s techniques again.

Lesley B

I have suffered from chronic back pain for over 15 years and had endless investigations, medications, and pain management treatments with no real relief. I never got to the bottom of why I was in so much pain. During my first session with Sue my pain subsided during meditation and after several sessions together I came to the realization that most of my pain was due to supressed anger and emotions which I had stored up over the years.

Sue worked with me on various meditation techniques to keep my pain and emotions at bay. Following a third session I went away on holiday and walked around Venice for a whole day without pain! Something that I could never even contemplate before. I am now able to meditate at home and my quality and approach to life is much improved.

I thoroughly recommend this kind patient and lovely lady to anyone who is living with stress or pain in their life and cannot see a way out – she can help you!!

Private Client

I had a fear of dogs and when Sue told me that she could help, I was sceptical. But Sue sat me down and we rewound to when my fear came from. My parents got a dog that I would see every day. Sue helped me out of myself to see a dog as though I was watching myself. The dog became a purple toaster and with that vision I was able to pet, stoke and walk our dog at home with ease! I can say its changed my life and that of my children who haven’t got a fear of our dog at all!


Sue was recommended to me through a family friend. Two years ago doctors found a tumour on my spine. As a young lady in my twenties, not only was I devastated, I was also scared about what the future may hold. Sue’s hypnotherapy helped me through many sleepless nights, down days and most importantly helped me to focus on staying positive. Her services are priceless. Thank you Sue!