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Simple Self Hypnosis for Sleep

sleeping swan

Simple Self Hypnosis for Sleep

Only use this when it is safe to do so and you are lying down or relaxing in a chair

Lying on your back, or sitting in a chair, look up at the ceiling and take in a deep breath in.

Without straining your neck or tilting your head too far back, pick a point on the ceiling and focus your attention on that point.

Keeping your eyes on that spot, soften your face, your eyes and your mouth. Take a deep breath and hold it for a slow count of 3 and then a slow breath out to a slow count of 4 saying to yourself.

“My eyes are tired and heavy and I want to SLEEP NOW”. YAWN

Repeat this process to yourself another couple of times and, if your eyes have not already done so, let them close and relax in the closed position whenever they wish

But, do not let your eyes close too soon

It is important that you say the suggestion, “My eyes are tired and heavy and I want to SLEEP NOW”, as if you really mean it, and in a gentle, soothing manner.

Imagine you are talking to a young child. Or you could choose someone who has a soothing voice and hear their voice say the words to you.

And you could imagine that you are walking through an old stone arch and you see a beautiful staircase.
And as you slowly walk down this beautiful, wide staircase,
One step
And then another step ….
And then another …..

And as you look around you, you notice how much more relaxed your shoulders are becoming and then also your neck and scalp and eventually, your face, seem to follow your shoulders into that deep relaxation, so effortlessly that you hardly notice as they drift ever so gently into sleep …..

And as you slowly start to get closer to the bottom, you can see another
beautiful archway in front of you. And as you go through it, you enter into a beautiful, peaceful scene that is just right for you.

Perhaps there is a lake or stream or even a waterfall – you choose

And you can hear the sound of birds singing, as you watch the butterflies flitting from flower to flower

And now the most peaceful beautiful swan just floats into view, with her head tucked under her wing, and just imagine now, being that swan, floating along in a state of pure peace and relaxation. Nothing to do but tuck you head under your wing and gently drift away…Deeper and deeper away – into a state of pure relaxation and sleep