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Shift Workers, Night Workers
& People Working Unsocial Hours

Shift workers, night workers and people whose sleep patterns vary, often find their they are lacking quality sleep and do not feel refreshed when they wake. Silence and darkness help but often the mind and body are not ready to sleep. A lack of quality sleep can lead to fatigue, exhaustion, irritability, anxiety, eating problems and depression.

Anxiety. Overthinking and Insomnia

How I can Help You

I can offer a range of options, that will help you whether your sleep problems are relatively mild or have become much more severe.

  • Sleep Training
    I can help you re-train your and body to sleep and wake at the times you need– even if you work different shifts each month / week or regularly travel across time zones and suffer from jet lag. I will help you focus on relaxing as you drift asleep, easily and quickly, anticipating a wonderful refreshing sleep, staying relaxed and asleep – no matter what time of day or night it is – whether you are in your own bed on an aircraft or somewhere else.
  • Sleep Diary
    I will ask you to keep a diary detailing your sleep patterns, working hours, what you have been doing during the day, stress levels, how you feel, what you eat and drink, alcohol and recreational drugs. We will use this to help identify lifestyle changes you may find helpful.
  • Life Coaching
    Your diary will help identify changes to your life style and routines that might support your health, wellbeing, relationships – as well as your career! We will explore your and coaching will help you set realistic goals, and support you as you work towards achieving them.
  • Self Hypnosis
    Self-hypnosis will help you calm your system, slow down your thoughts and gently drift off to sleep. You can also use it to help you nap – anything from a few minutes up to 60 – 90 minutes are beneficial. 60 – 90 minutes is which is enough for a whole sleep cycle.
  • Meditation
    As little as 10 minutes twice a day can be very beneficial as it will give you a method of progressively becoming more still, more focused, more present and more in charge of both your mind and body. I teach simple, modern forms of meditation – no need to shut out thoughts or sit in uncomfortable positions.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

You can just book one or two sessions or you can consider a booking programme of 4 – 8 sessions. We can discuss what is best for you.

The short Sleep Well Therapy and Coaching Programme (4 sessions) may be sufficient. This will probably focus less on coaching and more on hypnotherapy and sleep training.

If you have severe insomnia or are suffering from other sleep disorders, or from anxiety, depression, stress then I recommend the Sleep Transformation Programme (8 sessions) as that combines all the above areas and gives time to work through complex issues and create the changes you want in your life.

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