Insomnia – Phobias & Fears

|Insomnia – Phobias & Fears
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Fear and phobias can stop us sleeping and stop us enjoying life. Common fears and phobias include

  • Flying

  • Heights

  • Being Outside
  • Dentist
  • Exams
  • Enclosed Spaces
  • Job Interviews

  • Public speaking
  • The Dark
Of UK Residents Are Very Afriad of Flying
Of UK Residents Are Very Afraid of Heights
Anxiety. Overthinking and Insomnia

How I can Help With Phobias & Fears

  • NLP and Hypnotherapy
    I can help you to quickly and comfortably modify your fear or phobia so that YOU control how you want to respond to an event rather than having no choice at all. You can still have the choice whether you want to fly or pat a dog – but you will be in control not the fear.
  • Self Hypnosis and Breathing Techniques
    These are both are useful tools for fears and I can teach you how to use them to reinforce our sessions.
  • Sleep training
    I can help re-train your mind and body to focus on relaxing, anticipating at wonderful refreshing night’s sleep – no matter what you will be doing tomorrow. And as you easily and quickly drift off to asleep, knowing you will stay relaxed and asleep throughout the night.
  • Meditation
    Meditation is very beneficial for all of us, even 10 minutes twice a day, will, over the longer help you become less anxious, more still, more focused, more present and more in charge of both your thoughts, your mind and your body.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Everyone is different and makes changes at different speeds. A short Sleep Programme of 4 sessions is likely to be sufficient, to cover all the options above. Or can book a session at a time. Sometimes there are other issues that have to be resolved before you can make all the change you want. If you are suffering from general anxiety or a Sleep Disorder, you could consider the Longer Sleep Transformation Programme.

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